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CEO Doug Bell on Rockstar CX with James Dodkins

Doug makes an appearance on James Dodkins' Rockstar CX. He shares actionable solutions that simplify customer experience management so that companies can more easily align and engage to produce better outcomes.


  • Give your employees a CX playbook
  • 3 Steps to create a CX movement
  • The new breed of CX consultants
  • Define your CX strategy outcomes
  • Incentivize a CX culture

About Rockstar CX

ROCKSTAR CX founder, James Dodkins, used to be an actual, real-life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He toured the world in a heavy metal band, releasing albums and tearing up stages. Today he does things a little differently. He still travels all over the world but now he helps companies deliver a rockstar customer experience. ROCKSTAR CX was created to help companies looking to move away from 'business as usual' and embrace 'business unusual'. Stuffy corporate types aren't the right fit for our style of fast, heavy, powerful customer experience transformation.
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