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We are a customer experience management software and consulting company that's taking an innovative approach to solving your toughest customer experience problems.

We focus on doing one thing really really well. We operationalize your CX strategy.

We are focused exclusively on operationalizing and implementing customer experience strategies (from small business to large enterprise).

We're not here to be the best at VOC and analytics (let's be honest we have some great partners doing this already). We don't want to create long-term, slow-moving consulting contracts within your company (we just don't have the time and neither do you).

We may be the only consultancy in the world who can say our goal is to solve your customer experience challenges, empower your team to take charge, and leave as quickly as possible.

Doug Bell - CEO & Consulting Leader, The Experience

About Doug Bell

CEO & Consulting Leader, The Experience

Since 1994, Doug Bell has helped leaders operationalize their company’s brand delivery. Over hundreds of engagements with companies of all shapes and sizes, his process has been refined to be powerfully effective, efficient and sustainable.

Early in his consulting career, he led the launch of the CareerBuilder brand, managed the Mobil 1 brand, and consulted on the Exxon-Mobil and AOL-Time Warner mergers. He spent five years at Underwriters Laboratories leading the global repositioning of the UL brand. Currently he is helping DaVita revolutionize kidney care.

Doug Bell - CEO & Consulting Leader, The Experience

Our consulting approach

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Clients we've worked with

DaVita - Business Transformation

Business Transformation

In October 2011, we led a day session with 25 DaVita executives and emerged with a clearly defined vision for the year 2020 and a plan to get there. Since then, we have been embedded in DaVita’s integrated care division to help lead the transformation of the company in the fast-changing healthcare arena.

UL - Global Brand Repositioning

Global Brand Repositioning

We led the organization through a data-driven process to: 1) understand the drivers of UL’s current and future business success; 2) reposition the brand globally to maximize its potential market impact; and 3) implement a global campaign to establish the new brand, articulate its value, and begin to strengthen UL’s competitive advantage. UL’s revenues grew from $600M in 2003 to over $1B in 2008.

CareerBuilder - Company Brand Launch

Company Brand Launch

Entering a market with an existing dominant player like Monster.com, we knew we needed to compete as something other than just another job board. Working directly with the founders, we crafted the CareerBuilder brand and their entire market delivery to partner with clients to help them think holistically about their hiring needs and processes.

Mobil 1 - Product Brand Management

Mobil 1,
Product Brand Management

With Valvoline making a strong push in the synthetic motor oil category, we revitalized the Mobil 1 brand by simplifying the scientific advantage of the product so that everyone could understand why it was better. We also re-established an emotional connection with the consumer, increased our investment in motor sports sponsorships and repositioned the brand to grow market share and re-establish category leadership.

XM Radio - Company Brand

XM Radio,
Company Brand

Before XM satellites were launched into orbit, investors and potential partners had to be convinced that people would pay for satellite radio. We helped design the brand that would facilitate the company’s journey to become America’s number-one satellite radio service with more than 9.3 million subscribers and grow into one of the fastest-growing new technologies ever, outpacing the growth of wireless phones and cable television.

ExxonMobil - Company Merger

Company Merger

When the world's largest energy company merged with the second largest oil and gas company in the US to form the third largest company in the world, we helped them think through all of the brand implications. We helped develop the new brand and the communications to all of the stakeholders that were affected by the merger.

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