How it Works? - Get started in 3 easy steps - The Experience Manager

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Design an experience and get your whole company to start improving it together.

your stakeholder

Which relationships do you and your team want to improve? Choose from your customers, employees, investors, partners or any other stakeholder that is important to your company.

Identify your stakeholder

2Set a goal

Share your vision for success with the people responsible for bringing it to life. Identify the values most important to your stakeholder and set a goal that aligns with your company's mission. Turn your goal into a mantra that your team can remember and rally behind. We understand setting a vision can be a daunting task. If you need some help, we provide examples of measurable experience goals for many industries. Don’t worry about being locked in permanently to a specific goal. You can change it at any time.

Select  a goal to improve that stakeholder’s experience

3Select your interactions

Map your customer’s journey from the first interaction through life-long loyalty. Provide your entire team with a holistic view of that journey so that every individual can clearly see their role in helping to produce the overall experience.

Choose all of the ways that you interact with your stakeholders

Improve Your Experiences Together with Powerful Tools

  • Invite your team to help

    Create an experience

    In a single view, you can see every experience your company manages. Customize your dashboard by stakeholder or organize it in a way that makes sense to you and your team. Your dashboard provides you with a performance heat map so you can identify at a glance which relationships need your immediate attention.

  • Design Interactions

    Design Each

    Enable your team to be creative and design every interaction in the customer journey. Start designing from scratch or upload the documents, presentations, or other files your company is already using to deliver your experience. Leverage the power of Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides and design amazing interactions that everyone in the company can contribute towards. Host everything securely on your company Google Drive so everyone has access anytime, anywhere.

  • Share Ideas

    Ideas to Improve

    Fresh ideas are essential to the success of any company. Now every member of your team can share ideas whether it’s their first day on the job or they’ve been with the company since the beginning. Our unique idea-sharing platform allows for information to flow from the front line to the leadership in seconds. Comment, evolve, and approve ideas, and watch improvements to your experiences happen right before your eyes. It’s the social network for business improvement your company has been looking for.

  • Track Progress

    Experience Performance

    Gain perspective over the entire evolution of your company experience. Use our performance scoreboard to track key metrics that will help you make more informed business decisions. Identify your most productive team members, track customer satisfaction over time, and uncover which experiences or interactions need the most attention.