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Use The Experience Manager to:

Focus on people

Business is about creating strong relationships. The Experience Manager is the first product of its kind that focuses your team's efforts on the relationships that matter most. Start improving your customer happiness and employee communication with just a few clicks.

Focus on People
Create an experience

Design an experience

Design unforgettable experiences in three easy steps:

  1. Choose a person or group of people to design the experience for.
  2. Set the goal so your team knows where they should focus their energy.
  3. Select all of interactions you should manage.

Then invite your team to help and start improving. It's really that simple!

Design each interaction

Every experience is made up of a series of interactions. Now you can collaborate with your entire team to develop and improve your business' key interactions. Share files, have discussions and make decisions – in real time. Leverage the collaborative power of Google by creating new Docs, Sheets, and Slides that your team can edit and improve in real-time.

Design each Interaction
Improve your Experience

Improve your experience

Capture your team's best ideas, and use them to improve your customer experiences. Now it's easy to poll your team, brainstorm and share valuable insights. Your business will evolve as fast as the market changes.

Track your progress

Watch customer happiness increase over time as you find out what gets your team engaged and keeps them that way. Gain new insights with each experience you create. Find all of your key performance metrics in one place and motivate your team to perform at their peak.

Track your Progress

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